Ofantè – can 5l


Leccino monovarietal

From Ofanto, the southern limit of Daunia.
OFANTO -This is the most important watercourse in Puglia by length and by capacity.
Ofanto was always the scene of difficult battles for the Romans.
According to legend, the consul Varone, faced with the human losses recorded right in the river basin, exclaimed “O fanti miei perduti…”. From this exclamation, according to the legendary reconstruction, the name Ofanto derives. Fanti in English means infantryman.


Cultivar: Leccino

Harvest method: Directly from the plant

Crushing method: Metal crushers

Time between harvest and pressing: Less than 12 hours

Extraction method: Continuous cycle -max temperature 27 C

Color: Green to yellow, slightly hazy

Smell: Light fruity olive

Ideal use: It’s served raw especially on delicate fish dishes and vegetables (raworcooked), shellfish, seafood, delicate sauces

Packaging: 0.25 -0.50 opaque white glass bottles and 5 L tin

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