Forterè – bottle 500ml


Monovarietal Coratina cultivar, with an intense flavour

This name comes from Fortore.
The river, which represents the northern limit of Daunia.
According to the ancients, Beyond the Fortore, the “fortress” river, there is Molise. The names “Ofante” and “Forteré” contain the words “Fante” e “Re” (infantryman and King).
This is alexical game name, which makes the two lines an extension of the other.



Cultivar: Coratina

Harvesting method: Directly from the plant

Crushing method: Metallic crushers

Time between harvest and pressing: less than 12 hours

Extraction method: Continuous cycle -max temperature 27 C

Color: From green to golden yellow

Smell: intense, herbaceous, olive fruity

Ideal use: pastas and soups with strong flavors, grilled or roast meats, legumes and cooked vegetables

Packaging: 0.25 -0.50 opaque black glass bottles and 5 L tin

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