Our Land

Our Land

Our farm is in Puglia,

in Capitanata, a province of Foggia. A land full of history and culture where in Ascoli Satriano you can visit the Civic Diocesan Archaeological Museum complex. Herdoniae is one of the main.

Daunian and later Roman sites, now a marvelous archaeological park where the ancient remains of the walls and amphitheater are still visible. And Troia is renown for its romanesque style cathedral and town hall.

This cultrurally rich territory extends across immense expanses of olive groves that flank the main roads of every town in the sub Daunian Apennine.

With majestic centuries-old trees lining the main roads.

Through their traditions,

their products and their re-known hospitality, this land offers an exceptional cuisine with the unmistakable authentic tastes and aromas of the Mediterranean diet. From this rich heritage our farm conceived the need to create two distinct lines of extra virgin olive oil: Ofantè and Forterè in order to better advise our consumers on gastronomic pairings.

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Land of history, culture and tradition.