Our Family

Our Family

Since 1939, three generations have followed one another respecting

a healthy farmer tradition,

a passion and professionalism, which pushes us to offer year after year the best product that our land can offer.

In fact,

I have always associated my happiness with being in the middle of my family's farm. I ran among these fields as a child and hid as an adult to keep my thoughts away when I wanted to escape from the beautiful but chaotic Rome.

I am an architect by vocation but also an esthete and lover of the sublime. I combined my passion for design with my family traditions, such as olive harvesting. I left, took flight, walked, discovered and studied. Then I came back, experimented, produced with the echo of the past flowing through my veins. Podere 110 oil is all here. Passion for my land and for a very high-quality product. A job that requires knowledge, passion and patience.

I like to define myself with a quote from Fabrizio Caramagna:

"my shadow and that of the olive tree meet each other, they merge. I could leave my frenetic shadow here and take the patient one of the olive trees".

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